Engine Of Love    (SNW 802)   Uli Schingen


Circle left
Work in the yard burnin' all of my daylight
Workin' 'til it's time to play

Allemande left your corner, come back a dosado her
Allemande left that corner lady, weave that ring
Cause you're my engine of love, I'll fill you with emotion
Swing 'em and you promenade
If you follow me your love will be mine


Head two couples promenade go halfway around now
Walk right in and square thru four
All the way around and then you do the right & left thru there
Veer left and ferris wheel in time
Square thru and go, 3/4 'round and
Swing her, promenade along
If you follow me your love will be mine


Sides face, grand square
Engine of love, take me with you baby
I'll take you along, right on down the line

Swing her you're my engine of love