MOVIESTAR                                                                       SNW 1202




You feel like Steve MCQueen
When you're driving in your car

And you think you look like James Bond

When you´re smoking your cigar

four Ladies Promenade inside - it's so bizarre
You think you are - Swing and Promenade - James Dean
But the only thing I've ever seen, of you
 - Was a commercial spot on the screen          



Heads (Sides) Square Thru

 - get me four hands around

With Corner Lady do a Dosado

Swing Thru and then

 - let the Boys Run to the Right

Now Bend the Line - Right and Left Thru

Pass the Ocean here - Recycle you know

Swing that Girl and Promenade

I think its time for you my friend
To stop pretending...  that you are…



            Middle Break – closer

Sides Face Grand Square

Moviestar oh Moviestar – You think you are a Movie…

Moviestar oh Moviestar – Left Allemande and Weave the Ring

Moviestar oh Moviestar oh oho - Swing and all Promenade now

Moviestar oh Moviestar - You think you are a Movie…


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