When You're Gone    (SIR 903)   Neil Whiston


You Circle to the left
I've been hanging around the house all night
Wond'rin' what the heck to do ...

Left Allemande and you Do Sa Do with your girl
Do an Allemande Left and you Weave the ring
Though the phone don't ring - 'cause my friends ain't home
You Swing and Promende the ring
Got the T.V. on and the radios playing
Songs that remind me of you


Okay - Those Heads Square thru in the middle
It's four hands and go - Do Sa Do with that girl
Make a wave and Swing thru - boys Trade
Boys Run right - Bend the line - why don't you
Square thru three - Find your corner you Swing
Keep a little girl, and you Promenade 'round the ring
'Cause I hope you're coming back real soon
I don't know what to do ... !


Sides Face Grand Square
When you're gone I realise I'm in love - Yeah
Things go on and on and the nights must feel so

Four ladies Chain
Even food don't taste like good Chain 'em Back
Drinkin' do while it should Promenade
Things can feel so wrong - Yeah baby, when you're gone