I Wan´na Be Like You   (Sting 0326 )   Paul Bristow


Sides Face Grand Square
I´m the king of the swingers
Oh - The jungel V.I.P
And that´s what´s bothering me
4 Ladies chain
I wan´na be a man, man cub
Chain them home and you Promenade
To be just like all the other men
I´m tired of monkeying around


Heads Square thru
Out to the corner Dosado
Swing thru tonight , the Boys you Trade; Boys run right
And then Ferris wheel
The centers Pass thru, Swing thru
Swing the corner and Promenade the town
Can learn to be
Like someone like you


4 Ladies Chain across and back
Can learn to be like someone like you
Left Allemande and Swing your girl
Can learn to be Hu (ooh ooh) Man too ooh ooh