Crocodile Rock    (SIR 0105)   Stefan Sidholm


Sides Face Grand Square
I Remember When Rock Was Young
Me And Susie Had So Much Fun
Holdin Hands And Skimmin' Stones
I Had An Old Gold Chevy

Allemande Left And Weave The Ring
The Biggest Kick I Ever Got, Was Doin' A Thing Called
Swing And Promenade
While The Others Kids Where Rockin' 'Round The Clock
We Were Hoppin' 'N' Boppin' To The Crocodile Rock


Heads (Sides) Square Thru, Do Sa Do,
Swing Thru Tonight, Let Boy Run Right
You Ferris Wheel One Time You Know Pass Thru
Touch 1/4, Scoot Back, Swing, Promenade
Crocodile Rock, Rockin' 'Round The Clock


Sides Face Grand Square ( Music )